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Archive for September 2008

Sunday is "Sin" Day!!!


Are you familiar with this? Sunday at home is known as "Sin Day" which means, eating anything you want to eat just to make you happy, but strictly within 24 hours only! Yup, this is being followed at home since we are all overweight. My brother who goes to the gym regularly told us about this one very helpful thing to make us lose weight. Eat right from Monday til Saturday, then eat everything you are craving for on Sundays only. I think following this routine helped us lose weight somehow plus drinking water before meals NOT after meals...

I love it when it is Sunday... I ate grilled pork chops with a cup of rice for lunch, I had pizza for my 4:00 pm snacks, I had coke too, and I had lasagna for dinner... MMMMM... so yummy!!! Tomorrow is Monday and I'll be back eating 1/4 cup of rice with a small piece of meat for lunch and dinner, and just crackers in between meals. No softdrinks (which makes me sad), and no sweets (which makes my days like a nightmare!)

Oh well, don't you simply love "Sin Days"?!
I bet you do now.

Shopping Galore at Greenhills!


I bought new stuffs for my travel and I spent only a few bucks to get all what I need!

Yep, that's true, only a few bucks for everything I need to bring along with me.

Greenhills Shopping Center (GSC) is one of the best place to shop for anything you want, like clothes and shoes (Yes girls, you hear me?), all of what's new can be bought here, and all at a cheap price.

To be exact, I brought 6,000 pesos (more or less $130) yesterday, and I bought 4 black shirts, 2 black slacks, 1 black skinny jeans, a pair of black peep-toe shoes, and 3 colored bras for my friend... I counted my money when I got home and found out I spent 2,360 pesos (more or less $52) only! Imagine that? I still have 3,640 pesos ($80) to buy more of the things that I want.

If you love bargains, shop at GSC now! It's in San Juan, MM, Philippines