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Archive for November 2008

Damn, it's been a long time!


Oh my God! It's been a long time since I last wrote something here. I've been busy since September. I told you guys that I'm heading to Qatar and when I got here in Doha, I worked and worked and worked...

I have no PC here in Qatar before; I used to borrow someone else's laptop. I can't blog because I have not much time to do so. Of course, shy to borrow her laptop for hours. Finally, I bought my laptop last Thursday, so here I am now. I hope back for good. I'm really busy at work. "Too much work" as what my Lebanese co-worker says all the time. Sometimes, I sit back and think what if I go back home in the Philippines. I know I won't get the job that I really like but at least I'm with my family, right? Homesickness slowly kills me. And I can't accept the fact that there is also discrimination here in Qatar. I'm a Filipino who works with arab peeps. And to my dismay, my boss thinks about money, money, and money. He even makes us go to work even on our rest day. Fridays are supposed to be our day off and yet, he gets our friday evenings to work for his studio.. You know, we even have work on Christmas day. It upsets me that he has no respect on Christian holidays. Why he didn't give us a week to spend our Christmas season? We worked hard during Garangao and Eid last September and October. We worked more or less 16 hours in one day! We worked whole day on fridays too. Isn't that too much? What is more upsetting is that Filipino salary is just half of what other nationalities in our studio get. And about workload, ours is more than those peeps. Damn it! I always think about leaving that studio but where will I go once I left it? Patience is virtue as we always say, but how long must I be patient? Oh well, I guess I have to accept the fact that this world is really unfair. I'll just make my own world where there is only love, peace and justice.