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Archive for May 2009

Whatta Vacation?!


OMG! I've got a few more days left before I go back to Doha and work again. I haven't enjoyed my vacation yet that's why I'm so frustrated and depressed. What will I do now? I've got a week to spend it wisely. Where should I go?

I've got plans to go to Boracay, Aklan. It's the best place to unwind but because of the weather, I don't want any storm or even just a rainy day spoil everything. I also considered going to Disneyland Hongkong but because of the swine flu that is scaring the world lately, I had to forget about that great idea.

My oh my.... poor me... I'm so upset that I wasn't able to do anything so good to be proud of. I will be working for another 365 days in Qatar or even more! My niece will be a year older by then and everybody here in the Philippines have enjoyed a lot while I'm stuck in front of the computer editing pictures of aspiring "beauty queens" in Qatar. LOL!

Oh well, I believe that God has the best plans of all. I know He planned something great for me. I guess I just have to wait 'til He shows me what I deserve.

For All the Mothers in the World


Happy Mother's Day!!! Thanks for being so loving and caring to us! May God grant you all more strength to spread the love in the world... We love you!

To my mom and my sister, Happy Mom's Day! I love you both... I hope that you'll continue to love us and take good care of us like u always do.