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Hello? Anybody There?


Hello peeps! Sorry, it's been years since my last post here. I got really busy with work and my so called boring life. Nothing really special happened, the boredom just got worst. The adventure I've been yearning for never took place, not even in my dreams! I am so unlucky. I am not as blessed as other people, financially, emotionally, spiritually, and yes, even physically. If there's someone you know who is "almost perfect" or "close to perfection", uh-uh, that's not me. I wish one day, my life would change. I am depressed as of the moment. Well, there's nothing more left to say. Til next time, goodnight everyone!

The 6th Harry Potter movie


Oh well, I'm back here at Doha and nothing's new. I'm always busy, working 12-16 hours a day. I've got to attend weddings almost every night to record everything on DVD. I have to finish more or less 10 digital albums every month, plus I have to work rush studio jobs for customers. Despite the busy days, I had the chance to watch Harry Potter and the Half blood prince last night at City Center. I was so excited to see it and then, I just felt so bad after watching the movie.

Visit my Harry Potter blog page to know why...

Whatta Vacation?!


OMG! I've got a few more days left before I go back to Doha and work again. I haven't enjoyed my vacation yet that's why I'm so frustrated and depressed. What will I do now? I've got a week to spend it wisely. Where should I go?

I've got plans to go to Boracay, Aklan. It's the best place to unwind but because of the weather, I don't want any storm or even just a rainy day spoil everything. I also considered going to Disneyland Hongkong but because of the swine flu that is scaring the world lately, I had to forget about that great idea.

My oh my.... poor me... I'm so upset that I wasn't able to do anything so good to be proud of. I will be working for another 365 days in Qatar or even more! My niece will be a year older by then and everybody here in the Philippines have enjoyed a lot while I'm stuck in front of the computer editing pictures of aspiring "beauty queens" in Qatar. LOL!

Oh well, I believe that God has the best plans of all. I know He planned something great for me. I guess I just have to wait 'til He shows me what I deserve.

For All the Mothers in the World


Happy Mother's Day!!! Thanks for being so loving and caring to us! May God grant you all more strength to spread the love in the world... We love you!

To my mom and my sister, Happy Mom's Day! I love you both... I hope that you'll continue to love us and take good care of us like u always do.

Marley and Me: A movie that will make you cry


I've always been intrigued about this movie. Someone told me, it's about a life of a family with a dog named Marley. I've always loved dogs since my childhood days and I can say that dogs have a place in my heart. I tried watching this movie twice but being tired from work made me stop from doing so. I always end up snoring, and waking up in the morning with my laptop on and finding out that the movie is over. So, finally, on my way home to the Philippines, I had time to watch it from beginning to the end. I didn't had a second thought about which film I will watch in the airplane.

I remember Tasha, my Siberian husky at home. She is as naughty as Marley. She chews everything she sees. And everytime we get back home, we always see the mess she's done. It even came to the point that my mom wanted her out of our lives. Imagine the fear I had back then. I told my mom that I'm not going to go back home from Qatar if I find out that she has sent Tasha away. I told her I'm going to be real bad at her if she did that thing to my dog.

When Marley got sick, I knew what's going to happen next but then, I was not expecting that he will die that way. I wish it wasn't like that. I end up crying and I felt bad because they killed him and did not let nature ended his life. I know that they didn't want him to suffer more so they just had to use mercy killing to make it easy for everyone. But that's so bad idea for me.

Until now, I get teary eyes about Marley's fate. He was living his life as normal as he could, he wanted to be loved and accepted for who he was. And then he just died like that. Poor dog. Waaaahhhhh!!! I hope my Tasha won't have the same destiny as him.

My Vacation: What to Do in the Philippines List


This is my first vacation from my "killing me softly" job in Doha. I can not think of what to do here for thirty short days, but I will try. I have to do it so I can spend my vacation nicely, sa?

So here it goes:

May 1 - Go to the mall with my family for lunch and some fun
May 2 - rest
May 3 - rest
May 4 - Go to Ninya's place to celebrate her birthday, sleep over.
May 5 - Go to POEA with Ninya and have lunch at Galleria, go home, meet pia's mom
May 6 - Meet pia's bf. Ninya will go home.
May 7 - rest
May 8 - Meet Ninya to celebrate our monthsary. Go to mall and buy stuffs or look for personalized merchandise thingy. No sleep over?
May 9 - rest
May 10 - Go to mall with my family to buy some more stuffs
May 11 - rest
May 12 - rest
May 13 - rest
May 14 - hmmmm.. rest?
May 15 - maybe rest again...
May 16 - Ken's birthday! maybe go out for dinner with Ninya. Ninya stays at home.
May 17 - Go to mall with Ninya and Miyu. Ninya stays at home.
May 18 - Go with Ninya.
May 19 - Spend the day at the mall with Ninya. Probably at divi to buy some more stuffs. I'll sleep over her place.
May 20 - Go home and rest
May 21 - pack my things
May 22 until May 27 - Maybe go out with my family and enjoy with Miyu, buy some more stuffs for me and the staff.
May 28 - flight back to Qatar

Oh my... what a plan?! I hope I'll have fun.

It's Good to be Home!


I've been away from home since September... I traveled 12 hours from Philippines to the Middle East. I was so busy that I can not even blog about my life in Qatar and how I've been spending every day of it with so many strangers. After almost eight busy months, I'm back home. And there is nothing I could wish for other than staying here for good.

Bad news, I'm not living here in the Philippines for the rest of my life. I know I have to travel to make my dreams come true. I just can not stay in one place and wait for everything to happen. Well, I have so much work waiting for me in Doha, so I know I'll be back there soon. I guess I have to spend my thirty days here wisely so I can say that I truly enjoyed my vacation. Hmmmm.... what should I do then? I hope I can think right this time. I must not be lazy to plan for a very wonderful vacation... As of now, I'm happy that I have time to write again and speak out what is on my mind. I have spent one dramatic evening with my sister last night, listening to her problems and all that... My mom's unending debt list was calculated again, my heart beating fast, worrying about my savings, my savings that could bring me to Disneyland if I will not use it to solve financial problems here at home, my brother who is begging me to buy him his Arsenal jersey which I was not able to buy in Doha... And all of them inviting me to go to the mall and shop for whatever they want... Oh my... Yes, this is home, I'm not dreaming. I missed this drama in my life... There's nothing more I can say but "Yes, it's good to be home!"

It's Been Five Hurting Months


hi bloggers and readers... it's been quite awhile... well, i really miss blogging. I'm so busy that when i get home from work, i go to bed and sleep. I'm thinking of writing a new blog about my love life, but i don't think it's really something that would interest all of you. I'm just so depressed that I can't tell anybody about what's going on in my life. I'm tired to keep what's inside of me, like i wanna shout and tell the world that I'm hurting. Although i know the fact that this pain will not stay forever, I'm still worried and I'm sad that this is happening to me. I used to be very happy and satisfied with my loved one, until distance separated us for quite some time. I trusted, I believed. Later on, i knew it wasn't worth it at all. Even if there was an apology, I couldn't let the pain go. It's been 5 months since it happened and here I am, stuck with the pain in my heart. I have no idea how to move on. I'm still with this person I love so much. Is it real that you can love someone even if the trust has disappeared? I used to say that trust is more important than love. Now, I can't say goodbye though I don't trust this person completely anymore. I know I have to let go but there is something that holds me back. The pain goes on and on everyday, and i feel so helpless as day goes by. I don't know what to do, I'm confused. I hope that soon, I'll find a way to accept the mistakes and learn to forgive and just forget. I wish it's possible. I wish it's so easy to move on.