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Archive for July 2008

Photoshop Artworks


I love photo editing, it became my past time after I learned the wonders of Adobe Photoshop. I taught myself how to make pictures into something more beautiful. If you visit my Piczo site, you will see in my Photoshop page all of my artworks. I'm planning to post tutorials too, you will see 'em soon. But for now, look at Lindsay Lohan's image, this is one of my favorite artworks I've ever done! Feel free to criticize 'coz that's how I can learn to be better. Thanks!

Earning Money Online


Last year, I used to work at Ortigas Center, Pasig City, a 15 minutes drive if there is no traffic, 30 minutes on regular nights, and 1 hour away from home during the day. Well, I got sick and tired of going to the office on stormy nights and pretending I'm feeling great even if I'm too irritated working with my noisy colleagues. When January came, I decided to work from home. Good thing, the company I'm working for is offering this option to its employees. So, I filed a "work from home" scheme immediately and was so delighted on my first night to be at home again. No chilling nights and early morning colds, no more business attire dress ups, no more endless keyboard music playing on my ears, and no more boss pressure. But then it also meant no more dimsums, no more hotdogs, no more quiet road, and no more McDonald's breakfast feast... Yes, I'm missing those days I used to enjoy the empty streets in Ortigas, feeling the cool breeze by dawn, and walking with my honey on the way to St. Francis Square. Now, I'm stuck working in my room, sending emails, making profiles, chatting online with people all over the world just to make some sales. Through internet surfing, which became my hobby, I came across some sites claiming they will make you earn by putting ads on your websites or blogs. And so I made an account on Google Adsense, trying my luck to earn more online. In one week, my stats said I earned $5 already! Hmmm... is it big enough? Or was it too little if compared with other accounts. Anyway, there's this another site that said, as long as you keep posting, replying to messages, discussing topics being talked or debated about, you will earn too. Guess what? I tried it and well, after a week of continuous posting, I earned so far a flashing $3! Haha.... Is it worth my time? What do u think? Am I one of those million people who is hoping to earn money online? Am I getting crazy or I am just being stupid for wasting time and energy? Well, whatever that is happening with the world today, at least, this is one of the proofs that the world is really getting too high tech... So to the peeps who love to spend time surfing the net, why not earn at the same time? There are a lot of sites you can check out. Search for "earn money through blogging, earn money through writing, or researching or editing...." Well, if you want to earn fast and want to work for a stable company, you can check out Google.com/Adsense HAPPY EARNING!

My Red Tail


I'm not here to tell the world that I've got a red tail behind me. I'm not saying I am a devilish type of girl too 'coz I'm not and I will never be. I am here to share pieces of my mind and hoping that I can be an inspiration to readers or other bloggers out there. I'm also looking forward to meet some of those who have an eye for the arts.

I was an advertising student in one of the exclusive schools for girls in Manila. I did my best to show everyone else in class who is the real me. Until now, I'm striving hard to prove the world that I am more than just an ordinary person, sitting in front of my computer everyday, surfing the net, writing a lot, and chatting with a few to make new friends and earn money. I am happy for who I am now, and I am sure that I will be happier if my simple dreams would come true.

Once in my life, I read a few pages from the book, Chicken Soup. I cried about the story of this strange bird, probably a phoenix or hawk for having a red tail behind him. The story was touching. And that's where I got this name, Red Tail. I decided to keep the name with me forever. Later on, I tried to share it with a few close friends. We decided to make a company bearing that name but then, it remained written on scratch papers.

So after a couple of years, I thought well, it's time to make use of this wonderful name. And so, I'm using it now and hopefully, I'll have the rights to only use it as mine. Well, I'm going to kill whoever steals this treasure away from me! Don't laugh, because baby, I'm deadly serious about it.