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I've been away from home since September... I traveled 12 hours from Philippines to the Middle East. I was so busy that I can not even blog about my life in Qatar and how I've been spending every day of it with so many strangers. After almost eight busy months, I'm back home. And there is nothing I could wish for other than staying here for good.

Bad news, I'm not living here in the Philippines for the rest of my life. I know I have to travel to make my dreams come true. I just can not stay in one place and wait for everything to happen. Well, I have so much work waiting for me in Doha, so I know I'll be back there soon. I guess I have to spend my thirty days here wisely so I can say that I truly enjoyed my vacation. Hmmmm.... what should I do then? I hope I can think right this time. I must not be lazy to plan for a very wonderful vacation... As of now, I'm happy that I have time to write again and speak out what is on my mind. I have spent one dramatic evening with my sister last night, listening to her problems and all that... My mom's unending debt list was calculated again, my heart beating fast, worrying about my savings, my savings that could bring me to Disneyland if I will not use it to solve financial problems here at home, my brother who is begging me to buy him his Arsenal jersey which I was not able to buy in Doha... And all of them inviting me to go to the mall and shop for whatever they want... Oh my... Yes, this is home, I'm not dreaming. I missed this drama in my life... There's nothing more I can say but "Yes, it's good to be home!"