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Marley and Me: A movie that will make you cry


I've always been intrigued about this movie. Someone told me, it's about a life of a family with a dog named Marley. I've always loved dogs since my childhood days and I can say that dogs have a place in my heart. I tried watching this movie twice but being tired from work made me stop from doing so. I always end up snoring, and waking up in the morning with my laptop on and finding out that the movie is over. So, finally, on my way home to the Philippines, I had time to watch it from beginning to the end. I didn't had a second thought about which film I will watch in the airplane.

I remember Tasha, my Siberian husky at home. She is as naughty as Marley. She chews everything she sees. And everytime we get back home, we always see the mess she's done. It even came to the point that my mom wanted her out of our lives. Imagine the fear I had back then. I told my mom that I'm not going to go back home from Qatar if I find out that she has sent Tasha away. I told her I'm going to be real bad at her if she did that thing to my dog.

When Marley got sick, I knew what's going to happen next but then, I was not expecting that he will die that way. I wish it wasn't like that. I end up crying and I felt bad because they killed him and did not let nature ended his life. I know that they didn't want him to suffer more so they just had to use mercy killing to make it easy for everyone. But that's so bad idea for me.

Until now, I get teary eyes about Marley's fate. He was living his life as normal as he could, he wanted to be loved and accepted for who he was. And then he just died like that. Poor dog. Waaaahhhhh!!! I hope my Tasha won't have the same destiny as him.