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My Vacation: What to Do in the Philippines List


This is my first vacation from my "killing me softly" job in Doha. I can not think of what to do here for thirty short days, but I will try. I have to do it so I can spend my vacation nicely, sa?

So here it goes:

May 1 - Go to the mall with my family for lunch and some fun
May 2 - rest
May 3 - rest
May 4 - Go to Ninya's place to celebrate her birthday, sleep over.
May 5 - Go to POEA with Ninya and have lunch at Galleria, go home, meet pia's mom
May 6 - Meet pia's bf. Ninya will go home.
May 7 - rest
May 8 - Meet Ninya to celebrate our monthsary. Go to mall and buy stuffs or look for personalized merchandise thingy. No sleep over?
May 9 - rest
May 10 - Go to mall with my family to buy some more stuffs
May 11 - rest
May 12 - rest
May 13 - rest
May 14 - hmmmm.. rest?
May 15 - maybe rest again...
May 16 - Ken's birthday! maybe go out for dinner with Ninya. Ninya stays at home.
May 17 - Go to mall with Ninya and Miyu. Ninya stays at home.
May 18 - Go with Ninya.
May 19 - Spend the day at the mall with Ninya. Probably at divi to buy some more stuffs. I'll sleep over her place.
May 20 - Go home and rest
May 21 - pack my things
May 22 until May 27 - Maybe go out with my family and enjoy with Miyu, buy some more stuffs for me and the staff.
May 28 - flight back to Qatar

Oh my... what a plan?! I hope I'll have fun.